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Get an EIN online in 1 business day! If the IRS refuses to issue you an employer identification number, we will refund your EIN application fee (less any costs incurred by us to file your EIN application)!

EIN Federal Tax ID Number Service

We specialize in helping local (US-based) and foreign owned entities apply for an employer identification number ("EIN"). An EIN number is your business or entity's federal tax ID number. It identifies your business before the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS"), and is used to file various IRS business tax returns. It is nine (9) digits long and is issued in the following format: XX-XXXXXXX.

Your EIN Number - Our Promise

We strive to offer the most customer focused and fastest service in the industry. On our website, you can sign your EIN application online with your mouse. You no longer have to hassle with emailing, faxing and/or mailing the required signed documents back to us! Completing the entire EIN application process has never been faster! Once we receive your online signature as well as your cleared EIN application fee, we can get your EIN number within one (1) business day. Foreign applicants without a SSN or ITIN will receive their EIN within 4-5 business days. Other companies may require you to wait between one to six weeks for the same service and charge you a similar price.

No EIN No Fee Guarantee

If we have submitted an EIN application to the IRS, and they refuse to issue you an employer identification number, then we will issue you a full refund for the EIN application fees paid (less any shipping, postage, and/or administrative fees incurred by us in filing your EIN application).

Most companies do not offer this guarantee & charge you anyways for their time & effort.

Apply For An EIN Online

Applying for an EIN number has never been easier! We have simplified the process as best as we can. Our online EIN application forms are extremely straightforward and can be completed in five (5) minutes. There is no need to worry about transferring your personal and business information over the Internet. Your completed online EIN application form is secured with 256-bit encryption GeoTrust SSL certificates.

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