When Can A Business Tax ID Number Be Used To Make Tax Payments?

You can use your IRS EIN number to make tax payments pretty soon after the application for an employer identification number ("EIN") has been submitted with the required information and documents and an IRS EIN number has been issued to the business or entity.

The business or entity is automatically enrolled in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System ("EFTPS") depending on the information you submitted on the EIN application and/or if you have specified that the entity has employees. With the EFTPS, you can make tax deposits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using the US government's secure website and/or by calling an automated voice phone system. It is a free service provided by the US Dept. of the Treasury.

After the employer identification number has been issued to you, you will receive the EFTPS confirmation of enrolment by mail. A Personal Identification Number ("PIN") as well as instructions on how to use the EFTPS will also be sent. Once you receive the EFTPS information by postal mail, you can begin to make your tax payments electronically.

You can schedule the tax payments to go through the EFTPS by phone or Internet at least one (1) calendar day prior to the tax due date, with a cut off of 8pm Eastern time. The EFTPS will then debit the designated bank account, send the tax dollars to the Treasury, and the payment information to the IRS to update your tax records. Businesses can make tax payments up to one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the tax due date. Even if you do not currently have any tax obligations to the IRS, you should enrol in the EFTPS now so that you are ready to make tax payments immediately when you do have tax obligations.

Once you activate your EFTPS enrolment and obtain an Internet password, you can make tax payments immediately. If you choose to have a bank account verified with the activation, it will delay the enrolment process for another 6-10 business days. If you did not get an Internet password during the enrolment process, call 1-800-982-3526.

If you need to contact the EFTPS Customer Service because you did not receive your PIN or activation confirmation number, call 1-800-555-4477 for help. This toll free number can also be used to verify tax payments and review up to sixteen (16) months of tax payment history on your account.

For more information, please visit https://www.eftps.gov/eftps/.

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